NanoformScience AB

Developing nano-materials for a better world


About us

NanoForm Science combines world leading experts in material science, with a successful track record of business development and commercialisation of innovations. The company regularly collaborates with leading research institutes and external experts, who acts as early adopters, allowing the company to quickly establish key references and results. 

The team consists of:

Farnaz Ghajeri –B.Sc. and MSc. in Applied Physics and a Licentiate of Tech. in Engineering Science with Specialization in Material Science from Uppsala University. She is currently a PhD student in Applied Material Science at Uppsala University and a member of InnoEnergy PhD School, pursuing research on silica based nanoporous materials and complimenting her research with essential entrepreneurial, innovation, business skills to bring the research in the lab closer to industry. Farnaz is specialized in material technologies focusing on synthesis and analysis of nanoporous silica materials, with 7 years of work experience on design, fabrication and experimental realization of silica-based Aerogel and Aerogel like materials in St Andrews University of Scotland and Svenska Aerogel AB, Sweden. So far, Farnaz has 5 scientific publications and two patents.

Peter Norberg – MSc in Engineering Physics, Uppsala University, specializing in Materials Science, and PhD, KTH, in the subject area of Long-term Performance of Building Materials. He has performed a substantial number of commissioned and close to marker RTD-projects on innovative products. Over the last 20 years he has also been instrumental in the development of a range of mesoporous silica materials and manufacturing processes covering application areas such as gas and liquid filtration, thermal insulation, fire protection and intumescent coatings, and more recently bone grafting materials. He is a co-founder of Svenska Aerogel AB where he is currently working as a consultant.

Anders Nordström - More than 20 years of experience of private and public funding in the life science sector. Responsibilities have included independent valuation and research reports, market analysis, evaluation of business plans/technologies, valuation of product portfolios, “go/no go” investment decisions and due diligence. Was ranked top three in the Nordic countries and top 10 in Europe, within research and funding of the Nordic life science sector. Currently works with public funding at Karolinska University, which has made the Hospital/Stockholm Region now being the second largest actor in H2020-SC1-Health in Sweden, with a success rate above 50 % in prioritized proposals to H2020.

Lars Österlund – Professor and co-chair of Div. Solid State Physics at Uppsala University. He is co-founder of Nanoform Science AB and Molecular Fingerprint AB, and co-founder of the Swedish Society of Vibrational Spectroscopy and was its president from 2010-2017. He is board member of the International Science Program, the Uppsala Center for Photon Sciences, the Intl. Transparent Conducting Materials network (TCMnet) and the NIR Foundation. Prof. Österlund has a PhD from 1997 from Chalmers, MSc from Umeå University, and Diploma thesis from the Max-Planck Institute in Dortmund. He did his postdoc at Aarhus University in Denmark. He was awarded docent title at Chalmers 2002. He was research director at FOI in Umeå until 2010. His academic research interests include synthesizes and experimental studies of catalytic nanomaterials, solar light responsive materials (photocatalytic and chromogenic), self-cleaning surfaces and solid state sensors. He has published 250 scientific papers and holds 6 patents.

Zareh Topalian - M.Sc. in Materials Engineering and Ph.D. in Solid State Physics from Uppsala University. He has 18 years of experience of conducting R&D in various EU-founded and international projects at Uppsala University and private companies. He is skilled experimentalist with good knowledge in different material preparation and characterization techniques. He was awarded by the Ångström Materials Academy and Innovation Foundation at Handelsbanken for his discovery of a novel chemical process for making multifunctional coating for self-cleaning applications.